Atif Hisim (Germany) Erasmus Porto SS 16/17

My first month in Porto

My name is Atif Hisim, I’m from Aachen in Germany (a not well known city amongst internationals, I realized :D) and I’m doing my exchange semester here in Porto at ISCAP. There were many reasons why I chose to do my semester abroad in Porto, some of them being the better weather compared to Germany, the proximity to the Ocean and river, the relaxed way of living of the portuguese, the beautiful old town, learning a new language, exploring a different culture and the hospitality and warmness of the portuguese people, which I experienced when I visited Porto last year for 4 days.
30 days have passed since my arrival and I’m very happy that I made the decision to come to Porto. I have met a lot of interesting and great people from all over the world and the voluntary organization for international students from Iscap, ComAp is contributing majorly to our amazing time here, with all the events that they organize and the help that they provide. Hereby, I want to send many thanks to all the members of ComAp and say that we international students truly appreciate what they’re doing for us. Every day there are loads of activities in Porto, whether its cultural, sports or nightlife related.
I also feel very comfortable at ISCAP. The teachers, workers, the members of the international office and students are spreading a positive atmosphere and the food in the cantines is cheap and great.
The area of Porto has so much to offer, one day you can visit one of the many national parks nearby and ski on a snowy mountain or just hike in the beautiful nature and on the next day you can sunbath and surf at the beach. I was on the top of one of those mountains and the view from the cable car was just astonishing. I also surfed for the first time in my life and it was very enjoyable (and don’t mind the cold temperatures of the ocean, with the wetsuit and the adrenaline, you don’t feel cold at all).
All in all I can say that I already feel a very good connection to the people, to the country and to my university here and I am looking forward to my next few months here.