Atif Hisim (Germany) Erasmus Porto SS 16/17

My first month in Porto My name is Atif Hisim, I’m from Aachen in Germany (a not well known city amongst internationals, I realized :D) and I’m doing my exchange semester here in Porto at ISCAP. There were many reasons why I chose to do my semester abroad in Porto, some of them being the Read more about Atif Hisim (Germany) Erasmus Porto SS 16/17[…]

Klaudia (Poland) Erasmus Porto SS 16/17

Hi! My name is Klaudia and I am an Erasmus student from Poland. I came to Porto for the summer semester 2016/2017. This is my first time living abroad and studying in a new place. ISCAP is really nice place to study and meet a new people. Furthermore, the professors are very helpful, kind and Read more about Klaudia (Poland) Erasmus Porto SS 16/17[…]